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Tractor Storage

If your tractor is going to be stored for any length of time, a few precautionary measures are helpful in preserving various parts, also in avoiding future difficulty.

  1. Store your tractor under a protective cover.   Make sure the cover fabric will allow for moisture to escape.   Moisture trapped under the cover will cause rusting and paint deterioration.  

  2. Cover the air stack and exhaust pipe.

  3. Drain the radiator and the engine block.

  4. To avoid gum content collections, drain both the fuel tank and carburetor.

  5. Leave the radiator and fuel caps slightly loose to protect gaskets.

  6. Block tractor up to remove weight from tires and to keep tires from contact with moist floor.

  7. Remove the battery and store in a warm place.

  8. Remove the spark plugs and pour a small quantity of light motor oil on piston tops. Crank the engine over a few times and replace the spark plugs.

  9. When your tractor is removed from storage, it should be serviced throughout, including draining and refilling the oil sump with fresh oil.



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